class InterfaceScore(addr_to: iconservice.base.address.Address)

An interface class that is used to invoke other SCORE’s external method.

__init__(addr_to: iconservice.base.address.Address)

A Python init function. Invoked when the contract call create_interface_score()


The address of SCORE to invoke

Returns:Address SCORE address
icx(value: int)

Set the number of ICX coins to send on inter-call.

This function can be used when you want to call payable functions of other SCOREs along with ICX coins.

It is strongly recommended to use icx() in method chaining like the following: interface_score.icx(2 * 10 ** 18).func()


The unit of value is not icx but loop. 1 icx is 10 ** 18 loop.

New in version iconservice-1.7.3.

Parameters:value (int) – the number of ICX coins to send (unit: loop)
Returns:InterfaceScore object